This is a temporary list and incomplete list. There are currently no legal, legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.


—CW Nevada, LLC, 6540 Blue Diamond Road

—Euphoria Wellness, LLC, 7780 Jones Blvd.

—The MedMen of Nevada, 4380 Boulder Highway

—The Clinic Nevada D1, LLC, 4070 Arville St.

—Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary Inc., 4240 W. Flamingo Ave.

—Desert Inn Enterprises Inc., 2900 E. Desert Inn Road

—Nevada Holistic Medicine, LLC, 4660 Decatur Blvd.

—TGIG , LLC, 4633 Paradise Road

—Fidelis Holdings LLC, 3325 Pepper Lane.

—GB Sciences Nevada LLC, 4850 Fort Apache Road

—LVMC LLC, 6332 S. Rainbow Blvd.

—Integral Associates LLC, 5765 W. Tropicana Ave.

—Gravitas Nevada Ltd., 7885 Sahara Ave.

—Nevada Organic Remedies LLC, 6877 Sahara Ave.

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