CBD oil attracting seniors, soccer moms to medical marijuana

“Grandma doesn’t really understand she’s taking medical cannabis,” a caregiver relates with a smile.

After grandma broke her hip, the doctor prescribed the painkiller Percocet, but it made her nauseous, anxious and irritable — common side effects.

So the family sought an alternative, and found that a CBD-rich tincture quelled her pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Grandma is putting on weight again, the caregiver said.

Care By Design’s tiny spray bottle of CBD Rich Whole Plant Extract exemplifies the new trend in lab-tested extracts light-years ahead of the federal cannabis research blockade. Their 18:1 CBD:THC tincture is a highly therapeutic, largely non-psychoactive liquid extract made from organic, medical-grade cannabis.

Patients are using these cannabidiol-rich tinctures to avoid anything resembling smoking pot, while accessing CBD to treat myriad types of pain, inflammation and mood issues.


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